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Fibre Glass Tank

Fibre Glass water tanks are made out of Fibre Glass reinforced plastics with a mixture of grades of raw materials depends upon the usage. For example the Raw material will be differ for acid storage tanks when comparing with water Storage tanks. Fire proof, acid proof, chemical proof tanks are also available on demand.

Fibre Glass Tanks are mainly made on customer request and specification. Fibreglass tanks are tailor made item. It can be fashioned to various sizes, dimensions as per customer option. Fiberglass tanks are durable, long-lasting. And it is safe and robust.

Fiber Glass water tanks are used for various domestic and industrial applications. It is obvious in chemical and refineries. It can be manufactured with single mould die-casting or assembled with various pieces at site for giant size tanks. Fibre Glass tanks are used to store valuable liquids like, chemicals, acids, purified water etc. Water tanks, acid tanks, chemical tanks, underground storage tanks are made out of fibreclass.

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