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Water Softner

The impurities present in natural water depend upon sources of water. Rain water is the purest sample, but it is contaminated as it pours down the atmosphere and also it percolates through the earth it picks up along with Calcium and Magnesium Salts. Like that well (Bore well) water also contains Calcium and Magnesium Salts dissolved in it. Normally natural water which is hard contain Bicarbonates, Sulphates and Chlorides of Calcium and Magnesium.


Hard water is the main enemy of soaps and detergents. It will destroy the lather forming capacities. So consumption of soaps will be more. It affects Thermal Conductivity and Heat Transfer efficiency of Geysers, Radiators, due to Scale formation electricity consumption is more in Geysers. Engine water Temperature in Automobile Engines and Genset Engine will be more and it leads to increase the Wear and Tear of Engines. We can't get fullest satisfaction from taking bath with hard water due to loss of skin luster. And also hard water is the main criteria of loosing hair and sticky hair


Hard water is converted into Soft Water in the method of ion Exchange process. The hard water is passed through a Sodium based resin column, which absorbs the Calcium, and Magnesium ion from hard water and releases the same amount of Sodium Salts


If the above process is continued at one stage, all the Sodium ions in the resin will be getting lost. So the same to be regenerated by using the ordinary SALT Solution. The Salt Solution is poured in the top salt inlet and passes through all the resins and it regenerated the resins by getting the Sodium and releases the same quantity of Calcium and Magnesium ion which is drained along with Salt solution. After this process FRESH WATER to be inlet and taken out for few minutes.

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